GPYM Support Letter Draft 2021

GPYM Support Letter Draft

January 10, 2021 @ 6pm

During the draft, we teach teens and parents how GPYM does support letters and “draft names” so that each person in our congregation only receives one support letter from one GPYM teen during our fundraising season.

To participate, we highly recommend a parent comes with their teen or sends another adult friend or family member to help their teen during the draft. 

In the event that a teen or parent cannot attend, they can have a friend or family member participate in the draft for them as a “proxy.”

Below is a Quick Start Guide for Support Letters and a Step by Step Instruction Booklet. You can pick up church directories from the youth center. Please note that it’s best if everyone comes with a list of 30+ names picked out from the church directory.
Please read over these documents and email Pastor Ryan with any questions. Pastor Ryan roundedemail

Quick Start Guide roundeddownarrow

Step by Step Instruction Booklet roundeddownarrow