There are multiple ways to get involved in mission

and outreach at Grace Point.

  • FAITHpromise

    Faith Promise is a way to financially support the ministry of Global Nazarene Missions. Faith Promise offers an opportunity for each of us to participate in something bigger than ourselves and to seek what God would have us give towards missions throughout the year. Through Faith Promise, we collectively can make a difference in the Kingdom of God!

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  • Alabasteroffering

    The Alabaster Offerings are monetary donations that go directly to the construction of ministry facilities across the globe. The Offering is used 100% in the projects that are started by missionaries and by local church congregations.

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  • NazareneDisasterResponse

    In the aftermath of a disaster, the church has a unique opportunity to respond with the compassion of Christ regardless of economic status, ethnicity, and religious background through Nazarene Disaster Response (NDR).


  • MISSIONtrips

    Grace Point loves reaching out and helping across the globe. Our Work & Witness/Mission trips have taken us many places in the past. While on these trips, you can expect to work alongside our brothers and sisters in Christ, helping them to reach out to their community. Email us for

    information on our upcoming trips.